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* Arkansas Baptist College * Arkansas Tech University * Central Baptist College * Harding University * Henderson State University * Hendrix College * John Brown University * Lyon College * Ouachita Baptist University * Ozarka College * Philander Smith College * Southern Arkansas University * University of Central Arkansas * University of the Ozarks * Williams Baptist College ane lest we forget * Arkansas State and that other one, oh yes drumroll please the University of Arkansas.

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Q: What are some colleges in Arkansas?
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What colleges in Arkansas are division 1?

Arkansas State University

What is the top 3 major colleges in Arkansas?

I'm not sure about statistically, but I know that UofA Fayetteville, UCA, and Arkansas Tech and UAFS are some of the most popular.

Is there any colleges in Arkansas to become a veterinarian?

No, the state of Arkansas does not currently (June 2013) have a college of veterinary medicine.

What colleges ban alcohol at their football games?

I do not know about all colleges but I know that the University of Arkansas does not permit alcohol.

Can you get a Ph.D in Arkansas?

Yes. Most colleges/universities have a graduate program.

What colleges have school colors of purple and gray?

University of Central Arkansas!

what colleges offer x-ray tech training in my area?

This website has a list of all the radiology tech schools in Arkansas as well as lists of related fields of study:

What are some famous foods from Arkansas?

some famous foods from arkansas is rice

What are some affordable online colleges?

Affordable online colleges include Western Governors University, University of South Dakota, Chadron State College, Eastern New Mexico University, Chadron State College, Southern Arkansas University, and many others.

What colleges are good for becoming a dentist?

I'm really not sure. but if you live in Arkansas here are 3 good colleges listed below, Phenax itt tech or Remmington college

What are some health colleges?

There are many Health colleges

What is the abrevation for Arkansas?

The postal abbreviation for Arkansas is AR. However, in some literature, Arkansas is abbreviated Ark.

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