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One compound word containing the word "lunch" is lunchbox.

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Yes, the word 'lunch box' is a compound noun, a noun made up of two or more words that form a noun with a meaning of its own.

There are not many words that can replace the word lunch box. Some examples of these words are, lunch bag and lunch container.

what are some compound words with yard

Yes, handsome is a compound word from the words 'hand' and 'some'.

Here are some compound words using the word news:NewspaperNewsboyNewsprint

Compound words which include the word snow are snowman, snowplow, snowball, etc.

One compound word with the ending -idge is drawbridge.

A compound word is a word that is comprised of two smaller words. Some compound words that contain the word bridge are: drawbridge, footbridge, bridgework, flybridge, bridgehead.

The definition of a compound word is a word that is basically two words put together. Here are some examples of compound words:SnowmanWatermelonSailboatBasketballNow that you know this, soapy is not a compound word. Soapy does not have two words within it.

No, show is not a compound word. There are some compound words that are made with show:showtimeshowstoppershowmansideshow

popcorn the compound is the pop and then the corn

A compound word beginning with lone is lonesome.

The word outstanding is a compound word. The words are out and standing.

The compound word is current events. (Remember that some compound words are "open" meaning that there is a space between the two words.)

Some compound words containing bar are:barbellbarflysandbarbarmaidbartenderhandlebars

No, noticeable is not a compound word. Compound words - words made up f two or more words.

Some compound words beginning with 'earth' are: earthbound, earthenware...

Some compound nouns are:jigsawthingamajig

There are no compound words with the word law in it

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