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Q: What are some cool card magic tricks you could teach me to do?
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Where can one learn magic card tricks?

One can learn magic tricks from books, videos, and online sites that teach this artistry. One site to learn magic tricks from is a site that is simply called "Learn Magic Tricks."

What has the author Karl Fulves written?

Karl Fulves has written: 'Self-working card tricks' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Card tricks 'Self-working rope magic' -- subject(s): Rope, Knots and splices, Magic tricks 'Fulves's Complete Self-Working Card Tricks' 'Easy-to-do card tricks for children' -- subject(s): Card tricks, Juvenile literature, Magic tricks 'New Self-Working Card Tricks' 'Big book of magic tricks' -- subject(s): Magic tricks 'Children's Magic Kit' 'Self-working table magic' -- subject(s): Magic tricks 'Foolproof card tricks for the amateur magician'

What has the author Howard Thurston written?

Howard Thurston has written: 'Modern card tricks and how to do them' -- subject(s): Card tricks 'Tricks with cards' -- subject(s): Card tricks '100 tricks which you can do' 'Card tricks' -- subject(s): Card tricks 'My life of magic' -- subject(s): Magic tricks 'Wehman Bros.' fifty new card tricks' -- subject(s): Card tricks

What has the author Bob Longe written?

Bob Longe has written: 'The jumbo book of card tricks & games' -- subject(s): Card tricks, Juvenile literature, Card games 'Clever Close-up Magic' 'Clever Card Tricks For The Hopelessly Clumsy' 'Giant book of card tricks' -- subject(s): Card tricks 'The little giant book of magic tricks' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Magic tricks 'Los Mejores Trucos de Magia del Mundo / World's Best Magic Tricks (Tests y Juegos de Inteligencia)' 'No boredom allowed!' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Puzzles, Amusements, Magic tricks '101 Amazing Card Tricks' -- subject(s): Card tricks 'The Little Giant Book of Card Tricks' 'Card Tricks Galore' 'The magical math book' -- subject(s): Magic tricks, Juvenile literature, Mathematical recreations 'Book of Card Tricks (Little Giant Books)' 'Easy Card Magic' -- subject(s): Card tricks, Magic tricks 'Los Mejores Trucos de Cartas del Mundo / The World's Best Card Tricks (Tests y Juegos de Inteligencia)'

What has the author Harry Baron written?

Harry Baron has written: 'Better magic' -- subject(s): Tricks 'Pick a card, any card' -- subject(s): Card tricks 'Magic for beginners 2' -- subject(s): Magic tricks

What are some safe magic tricks for kids?

There a ton of safe magic tricks you could do. Some include simple sleight of hand tricks such as making coins disappear, or finding their card in a deck of cards. You could also pick up some trick decks which have special tricks in order to make it seem like you are doing magic, and they are all safe.

What are some magic tricks that anyone can learn?

There are many magic tricks that anyone can easily learn. These will usually include basic coin and card tricks. A person could pick up starter kits at places like Kidzone and Penguin Magic. There are even hundreds of instructional videos on Youtube detailing basic tricks.

Where can one learn some card tricks for beginners?

One can learn some card tricks for beginners on magic websites, such as Magic Tricks Online. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find more information on their official website.

What are examples of magic tricks?

good examples of magic tricks are card tricks, levitaion, and many different tricks. a good website would be master your magic. heres the link to the website i would check it out. trust me you wont be dissapointed.

What are the names of some easy card trick books for beginners?

101 Amazing Card Tricks'', ''The Royal Road to Card Magic'', ''Card Tricks for Beginners'' and ''Easy To Do Card Tricks For Children'' are some great card trick books with basic card tricks for beginners. They are all available from Amazon.

What is a good magic trick?

Card tricks a normally work and any other tricks just try your best!

What has the author Graham R Putnam written?

Graham R. Putnam has written: '125 magic tricks performed with a regular deck of cards' -- subject(s): Card tricks, Magic tricks

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