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There are a number of mechanisms one can use when trying to deal with stress. One can try deep breathing exercises and yoga, muscle relaxation, meditation and talking to a friend.

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Q: What are some coping mechanisms to deal with stress?
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What are some popular tools that people use to practice coping mechanisms?

Relaxation, physical recreation, venting, adjusting expectations, and seeking support are just a few of the many things people can use as coping mechanisms.

Briefly explain some general guidelines to coping with stress?

The best general guideline to coping with stress is to breathe. Breathing has the ability to slow down your heart rate.

What are the coping mechanism of stress?

Some people cope with stress in productive ways. Others cope with stress in maladaptive ways such as substance abuse or overeating.

What are some coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and depression?

Being a victim of depression, the best thing to do is GO TO A THERAPIST. Not so you can release your problems, but to get medicated. So your brain levels can balance and you won't feel the urge to mad or sad from time to time.

What are some examples of characteristic adaptations?

Motives, goals, plans, strivings, strategies, and coping mechanisms would all provide examples of characteristic adaptations.

Why is nutrition important when under stress?

Because nutrition gives the body fuel to help function properly, including regulating hormones that help ease stress. If the body is under further stress by starvation or lack of nutrition in some form like not enough protein or carbohydrates, that just gives it more strain to have to deal with on top of the physical symptoms of the stress and the mental stress itself. Having good nutrition helps coping with stress easier and gives you one less thing to have to worry about.

Why is it important for people to deal with mental stress?

There is going to be some amount of mental stress in anyone's life. Nobody lives a perfectly serene and untroubled existence. People who are unable or unwilling to deal with the mental stress that they experience, will become mentally ill.

What are some coping strategies during puberty?

Children become impulsive, aggressive and irritable during puberty. Healthy diet, lots of water, proper exercise to channel energy and meditation are good coping mechanisms.

What are the healthy steps to deal with extreme and prolonged stress?

There are many healthy ways to deal with that kind of stress. Just do good things that entertain you. Keep yourself busy with some task or the other task.

What is the role of psychiatrist in stress managent?

Psychiatrists usually play the role in diagnosing patients & dispensing medication for mental health problems. They then refer the patient to a psychologist to learn some cognitive behavioral therapy which is effective in managing/coping with stress.

How do you deal with stress?

see your docter and they will tell you if you have a official stress problem so if you do they will give you medication

What is a good stress relief method?

Here is a list of few most commony stress relief methods that are widely used when coping with stress. Deep Breathing Laugh when you can Walk for relaxation Get Some Carbohydrates It's ok to Cry Talk or Write Sports & Recreation For more info visit links below

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