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credit card numbers are the 16 digit numbers on the front of the card and the expiration date is when the card expires.

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Q: What are some credit card numbers and Expiration Date the CVV?
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Where can one find the expiration date of a credit card?

One can find the expiration date of a credit card online in the credit card company's website. In addition, the expiration date is on the back of the credit card.

Reel credit card numbers security code and expiration date?

is anyone have reel hd credit card number

What numbers are the expiration dates on your credit card?

Under the really long number on the front of the card, there are four numbers with a slash in the middle like 12/10 or something like that. That is you expiration date. it goes month/year.

Credit card number with expiration date- I need it for my msn which I put the wrong birth year and so I need a VALID credit card number WITH expiration date please?


What is a credit card expiration date?

It is the date after which the card account will not be authorized to accept any more charges.

What is meant by expiration date in credit card?

An expiration date is when whatever the item is will expire. Expire means it is no longer good.

Credit card expiration date?

eg 12/12 its when your card is run out HAHA

What numbers are on a credit card?

It depends on who's credit card. The numbers are your bank account, the date the credit card is validated for.

Can a credit card company go after you for money forever?

As long as you have the debt, there is no expiration date.

How do you check sams card for expiration?

check experation date on card

How long is a visa credit card valid?

Each card has an expiration date printed on the front with a month and a year.

Is there an expiration date on BestBuy Credit Cards?

I have a Best Buy Credit Card. I was sent a new one when they changed from HSBC to Capital One. The new card does not have an expiration date on it. I tried to order a television online but the process requires an expiration date. I started a "chat session" only to be told to contact Customer Service.