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.A rectangle has 4 sides,[a rectangle is a parallelogram], two short, two long, but all of the lines are straight. a parrallelogram has all parallel sides [just like the rectangle, but can be diaganol. Such as a rhombus

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How many lines of symmetry does a parallelagram have?

A parallelagram can be a square, which has four lines of symmetry or a rectangle which has two lines of symmetry but the generic parallelagram has zero lines of symmetry

How many corners does a reactangle have?

A rectangle has four corners, or vertices

Can a polygon be a parallelagram?

No, but it can be a parallelogram.

What is the difference between a rhombus and a parallelagram?

a rhombus has all equal sides but a parallelagram only has two equal sides.

Can every parallelagram be a rectangle?

Some of them are, but not all of them. A parallelogramis a rectangle only if all of its angles are equal.

Does a parallelagram have right angles?

Not necessarily, but it can.

Is a trapazoid a parallelagram?

No, a trapezium is not a parallelogram.

Is a quadrangle a parallelagram?

No, but a parallelogram is a quadrangle.

A parallelagram with four right angles?

a trapizoid(:? i think!!(::

Is a parallelagram a rectangle?

yes, but there are other shapes too.

How many sides does a parallelagram have?

a parallelogram has 4 sides.

How many vertices does a parallelagram have?

A parallelogram has 4 vertices

Is a parallelagram a quadrilateral?

Yes because it has 4 sides

Can a rhombus not allways be a parallelagram?

A rhombus is always a parallelogram.

What shapes are parallelagram?

They are in the class of 4 sided quadrilaterals

What is the area of a parallelagram?

The area of a parallelogram is "BASE X HEIGHT"

Is a quadrilaeral a parallelagram?

yes, when opposite angles and sides are congruent

What do you call a shape that has 4 sides?

A square a rectangle and a parallelagram or quadrilateral

How many lines of symmetry does a parallelagram?

a parallelogram has 2 lines of symmetry

Is a sqaure a parallelagram?

Yes it is. A square is a quadrilateral, a parallelogram, a rhombus, and a rectangle.

Are all rhombuses parallelagrams?

yes to be a parallelagram you just need to have 4 sides

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