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Travel is a great way to learn history - it's always more interesting to learn about facts in the place where they occurred! If you don't have the money to travel to other countries, you can travel to places closer to your own home - it's still fun and interesting. Another way is to use your interests - for example, if you like sports, study facts about different sports during different eras in history; if you like food, study about the different foods people ate at different times in history. Any subject is more interesting if you tie it to something you really like. Getting a handle on dates is another way to help you learn - look up a timeline of worldwide or international dates and see what was going on in different parts of the world at different times. It's always interesting to see how one area is more advanced at the same time another one is still living in huts. Get together with friends and quiz each other on history facts and trivia - trivia contests are always fun!

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When dealing with High School students it is good to challenge their misconceptions about history. Historiography is about the idea that history is a process, rather than a narrative. A good way to start the ball rolling is to ask 'How will the events of September 11 be viewed in 50 years? 100 years? etc. Get the students to start thinking about history as being created and re-created as the years go on. I like to have students look at the 'History Wars' in Australia. The debate over colinisation/invasion/black armband view of these events etc. Show students a variety of historian's opinions and have them debate which ones they think are most reliable. Teach them that history isn't 'reading' it's 'doing'.

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By teaching history

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Q: What are some different ways to learn about History?
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