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Some disadvantages of coal powered plants are; 1. a coal powerplant produces 3700000 tons of CArbon dixode in a year. this is also one of the main causes of global warming. 2. all the Mercury taken from the coal has to be disposed, and usually it is disposed in a lake.

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electricity generation in Poland is based on coal as most of the capacity is installed in coal fired powered plants.

Power Plants! Fossil fired / coal fired Nuclear No Hydro electrical No Wind powered Solar Panels in some houses

because solar power is better for the earth. coal is a fossil fuel so it is getting scarce. wind powered is the best to use.

An electricity generation station that is powered by burning the fossil fuel called "coal".

Coal fired plantNatural gas fired plantHydroelectric water powered plantWind PoweredSolar Energy

There are still quite a few coal fire power plants left in the UK, however it is declining. There are about 19 coal fired power plants which are still left in the UK.

It is burned in coal-fired power plants to supply energy.

For exporting and power. Most of South Africa's power plants are coal fired power plants.

G. A. Isaacs has written: 'Cost benefits associated with the use of physically cleaned coal' -- subject(s): Coal, Coal washing, Coal-fired power plants, Desulfurization, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Coal washing, Economic aspects of Coal-fired power plants

gas , coal and oil fired power plants

The statistics for coal fired power plants is that 13000 people are killed each year because of the air pollution caused by the 386000 tons chemical pollutants emitted from the power plants.

Coal fired, Nuclear Power, Gas Fired, Hydro, Wind Power.

The first power plants were installed by Edison in the 1880's, and were powered by coal, so that's the answer

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It's very cheap and efficient, It's at a stable price, The technology is well understood, and it's plenty full of high heat energy.

Mostly from coal fired power plants.

Coal powered electricity generating plants are quite common. Here in the provice of Ontario (where I live and type) I know that approximately one third of the electricity in the provice is generated by coal power (the other thirds being nuclear and hydroelectric).

Coal fired plants, natural gas fired plants, nuclear plants, solar panels, wind turbines, hydraulic generation (dams), etc.

Most countries have coal fired power generation plants. some very big ones are in Poland, Germany, the USA, China.

It powered the plants until they died millions of years ago, to eventually become coal.

Yes, still about 50 percent of total generation is by coal

forty ninety tooty This is gibberish

discharge from coal-fired power plants.

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