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the taint stains

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Q: What are some disadvantages of space probes?
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Compare the advanteages and disadvantages of crewed space exploration and space probes?


Do space probes carry space landers?

Some space probes carry landers, but most do not.

What are advantages and disadvantages of sending crews to space on space explorations and space probes?

pros: We can learn lots of things by sending crews and space probes. For without space probes how would we be able to tell the weather. cons: Many humans can die in space if there is a problem with the space craft and billions of dollars will be wasted.

What do space probes explore in space?

Space probes explore space for a quite obvious reason; they are SPACE probes. They probe space.

Why do you send out space probes insted of actual space flights with astronauts?

NASA occasionally sends out space probes instead of humans because astronauts could not survive on some of the places that space probes are sent to.

What is safer space probes or manned space flights?

Space probes would be safer.

How do space probes aid in space?

How do space probes aid in space exploration

What are some latest space probes sent into outer space?


What are some names of a space exploration?

Robot space probes and telescopes

What space probe is in space in space?

there are many probes in space. There is the Hubble space telescope, voyager voyager 2. Here are just some probes in space. there too much to name all of them.

How do space probes aid in space exploartion?

How do space probes aid in space exploration

When was Probes in Space created?

Probes in Space was created in 1975.