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What are some disadvantages of using oil?

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As it is one of the natutal resources (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas) one the supply is gone it cannot be replaced.

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The disadvantages of using crude oil include its expense. Since it is limited for use, the price would greatly increase.

Disadvantages are: using gas for cars, and using gas and oil in cars and motor bikes Advantages are: having bicycles to ride, and using cars to get around.

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One disadvantage of using oil is that it is non-renewable, and another is when you burn it, it causes carbon dioxide to go into the air, which causes global warming.

you get cancer faster the older the oil is. which means you die faster and stop using fossil fuels, and that's how used cooking oil is better for the environment.

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There are several disadvantages to using ether as a solvent. Some of those disadvantages are that ether is highly flammable, it can oxidize into an explosive and it is an anesthetic.

There are a few disadvantages of using biomass energy. Some of the disadvantages include the cost, use of fossil fuels, and environmental hazards.

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Some advantages of using aluminum are: does not easily rust, flexible and has a high availability. Some of its disadvantages include: more expensive than steel, abrasive to tooling and prone to severe spring back.

The advantage of oil is its efficiency, as it is easily combustible and can be used in a variety or processes. The disadvantages of oil are it is environmentally unfriendly, the demand and supply of oil, and its cost and distribution.

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The animals live in the sea or water and it is bad for some animals such as Dolphin's, Whales, fish etc. to breath that oil.

Less power for now and we stop making oil rich countries richer

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