What are some easy tricks to do off a diving board?

Dive - If you don't know what this is, take a couple steps back off the board. (:
Cannonball - Tuck you legs in so they're pressing against your chest and stay that way till you hit the water.

Pencil Drop - Take a couple steps, jump, and keep your body totally straight for ultimate depth.

Jackie Chan - Run a bit, jump high. Point one leg in front of you, straight, in a karate kick and the other leg bent so the back of your shin is nearly touching your thigh. Put this leg under your behind. Ta-da! A Jackie Chan.

Twister - A mini-bit tricky but very simple: run, jump, and spin around in a 360. Harder than it looks, I tell you.

Ignorance - A good one for crowds- just skip off the edge of the board and act totally shellshocked when you fall off. Heck, a fake scream never hurts, either. (;

Make Up Your Own - Self-explanatory; be creative!

Good luck on (and off) the diving board!