Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

What are some endangered marine animals?

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There are many more than these, but here are a few:

Blue Whales

Sea Turtles

Sea Otters


I do not know of any endangered fish species.

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What endangered marine animals are there?

Manatees, Whales, Sharks are some examples.

What animals are endangered in the marine biome?

Unfortunately there are a lot of endangered animals all over the planet. Some of the endangered marine creatures include: the Florida Manatee, the Blue Whale, the Hammerhead Shark, and the Hawksbill Turtle.

How many marine animals are endangered?

There are over 200 species of marine animals that are endangered. Mist all species of sea turtles are listed as endangered.

What endangered animals live in the marine biome?

The whales, some sharks, some dolphins, & certain fish.

What marine animals are endangered?

be cause their are to many ol spils

What marine animals are endangered animals in Catalina?

I know only one and it is the sea bass.

Why are marine animals in captivity?

Most animals that are kept captive are endangered. This therefore means that marine animals such as whales are kept captive because they are hunted illegally.

What are some sub topics for endangered animals?

what are some endangered animals? why are they endangered? what are endangered animals? and many others just try to think about some there are plenty you can do it! good luck!

Do endangered animals die from humans?

some endangered animals do die from humans

What are some endangered animales?

Pandas are endangered animals

What are some examples of marine-animals?

marine animals are animals that lives under the sea ....and most marine animals live near the coral reef..

Is a starfish endangered?

Starfish are not on the endangered list. However, starfish like other marine animals depend on a healthy ocean environment to survive.

What are the names of some threatened animals?

Endangered animals

Slogans on endangered animals?

One of the most famous slogans for endangered animals began in 1975 with handful of t-shirts. The slogan ,'Save the Whales', launched a organization still working today to protect endangered marine life.

How do marine biologist help the Earth?

they announce dangerous or new animals, make water healthier for animals and us, and help cure animals and breed endangered animals

What are some endangered animal in the US?

some endangered animals in the US is bald eagle

Why are marine animals endangered?

we are polluting and littering in our seas where marine animals live.this is how we are killing them:chucking rubbish into the drains.the animals will eat them and choke to deathif you want to help keep them alive please contact

What are some endangered Indonesian animals?

The list of endangered Indonesian animals is long... It contains 210 species.

Some animals going extinct in Antarctica?

No animal lives in Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no food chain. Some marine birds and marine mammals come to Antarctica' beaches to breed. Some penguin species are considered endangered, and you can read more about them, below.

What is the difference between endangered animals and not endangered animals?

Endangered animals are animals that are almost extinct. Therefore, animals that are not endangered are not almost extinct.

Why do you kill marine animals?

Personally i wouldn't kill marine animals, but some people will to get food or to have fun

When did marine turtles become endangered?

Marine turtles became endangered when over hunting before they were proctected Marine turtles became endangered when over hunting before they were proctected

What are some endangered animals that begin with the letter J?

The Jaguar is an endangered species.

What are some endangered animals that begins with the letter D?

A Diamondback Terrapin is endangered

Is the desert biome endangered?

No But some of the animals are

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