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bato bato pik!

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Q: What are some examples of Philippine ballads?
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How do epics and ballads affect and contribute to the Philippine culture?

Allow us to get know where we came from,what we were like.

What are some examples of Philippine religious beliefs?

Most Filipinos are Roman Catholic.

Examples of Philippine culture?

I believe the question was not answered because it was vague. What do you really mean by examples of Philippine culture?

Can ballads be about friendship?

yes but ballads are usually third person so your telling a story about some one and some big event that happened to them they also have a rythm to them if your writting about friendship you might want to write about how some friends went through some sort of hardship

Examples of ballads song?

A ballad is a light song that is often romantic or sentimental in nature. Some examples of ballads are Every Rose Has a Thorn by Poison, I Donâ??t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith and Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.

What are the examples of Philippine religious dances?

Lapay Batique, doing some bird style with religous actions

Examples of Philippine Epics?

Examples of Philippine epics include Biag ni Lam-ang and The Hudhud by the Ifugaos. Other examples are the Hinilawod from the Hiligaynons and the Darangan of the Maranaos.

Word Examples of these Philippine dialects?


Examples of special crimes in the Philippine?


Examples of Philippine legends?

Where can one download some modern rock ballads?

One can download modern rock ballads from any music selling store or app. Also you may go online for such ballads. This will help you get your modern rock ballads.

What are examples of Philippine legend?

"The Legend of the Rainbow" (Ang Alamat ng Bahaghari) and "Legend of the Onion" (Alamat ng Sibuyas) are two examples of Philippine legends.