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What are some examples of alloys?

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  • Steel contains iron , carbon and others
  • Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc
  • Bronze is combination of copper and tin
  • further these are notifide base on the high percentage of elements found in the base metals. They broadly categorized as carbon steels, nickel chrome steels etc, the Aluminum alloys, copper alloys with various compositions.
An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals. Some familiar examples of alloys include brass, bronze, pewter, cast and wrought iron, steel, coin metal. Alloys are usually synthetic materials, developed by scientists for special purposes. They generally have specially desirable properties quite different from the metals from which they are made. As an example, Wood's metal is a mixture of about 50 percent bismuth, 10 percent cadmium, 13 percent tin, and 27 percent lead that melts at 70°C (160°F).

Some common alloys and what we use them for Alloy Components Brass Copper (65-90%), zinc (10-35%). Bronze Copper (78-95%), tin (5-22%), plus manganese, phosphorus, aluminum, or silicon. Cast iron Iron (96-98%), carbon (2-4%), plus silicon. Cupro-nickel (copper nickel) Copper (75%), nickel (25%), plus small amounts of manganese.

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Give examples of some alloys?

alloys of aluminium: duralumin,nambe,silumin.alloys of cobalt: megallium,alnico,vitallium.alloys of copper: billon,brass,beryllium copper,bronze.

What are some alloy?

Alloys are a mixture of metals. Examples of alloys are bronze (tin and copper), stainless steel, nichrome, etc.

What are some examples of different types of metal alloys?


Where can you buy alloys for a Citroen Saxo?

Alloys for a Citroen Saxo can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell these alloys include WheelBaseAlloys and eBay.

What are some examples of an inorganic substance?

Alloys, such as brass, bronze, and stainless steel

Examples of ferrous alloys?

are alloys that contain iron as its main constituent

Where can one find Renault alloys for sale?

Renault alloys can be found for sale from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell Renault alloys include GumTree, eBay, and Preloved.

What is the chemical composition of false gold?

Examples: iron sulfide and some copper alloys.

What are some examples of hard metals?

Osmium, Titanium, and Iron (and steel alloys made from iron) are examples of hard metals.

Examples of element mixtures?

Alloys are element mixtures.

What are examples of alloys?

Bronze, Brass

What are examples of heterogeneous alloys?


What contais phosphor?

Examples: bones, teeth, fertilizers with phosphorus, some alloys, phosphates etc.

What are examples of alloys including info about the metals and quantity of each and the uses of each alloys?

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2 examples of alloys?

Steel, bronze.

What metal alloys are nonmagnetic?

Some examples are: stainless steel, bronze, zircaloy, silumin, brass etc.

What are some examples of non-ferrous alloys?

Most aircraft alloys are non-ferrous and mainly aluminum Brasses and bronzes are copper based and also non ferrous Other aerospace alloys are titanium based and thus non-ferrous. Aircraft jet engines are nickel alloys

3 examples of alloys?

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What are 3 examples of alloys?

brass steel and bronze

What alloys is aluminum used for?

We use aluminium to make alloys. Alumina is a example.

What is the difference between a ferrous alloy a non ferrous alloy?

A ferrous alloy refers to alloys that contain Iron (Fe) as the main constituent such as steels. Some examples of non-ferrous alloys are aluminum, titanium-based alloys, brass, bronze, .

Which alloy doesn't get dirty quick?

Many examples exist: stainless steel, titanium alloys, zirconium alloys etc.

What are some alloys of zirconium?

Examples are: zircaloy-2, zircaloy-4, zirconium-aluminium, zirconium-niobium, zirlo etc.

Examples of Shape-Memory Alloys?

NiTi (nickel and titainium) or examples are: glasses and paperclips.

What are two examples of mixture?

mixing paints and mixing alloys