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Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH

Potassium Hydroxide - KOH

Ammonium Hydroxide - NH4OH

Calcium Hydroxide - Ca(OH)2

Magnesium Hydroxide - Mg(OH)2

Barium Hydroxide - Ba(OH)2

Aluminum Hydroxide - Al(OH)3

Ferrous Hydroxide or Iron (II) Hydroxide - Fe(OH)2

Ferric Hydroxide or Iron (III) Hydroxide - Fe(OH)3

Zinc Hydroxide - Zn(OH)2

Lithium Hydroxide - LiOH

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Q: What are some examples of chemical formula for a base?
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NaCl H2SO4 KNO3 CaCl3

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H is the chemical formula for hydrogen. There are some elements with H in the chemical formula. But the have other letters too.

What is some chemical formula for orthoclase?

The general chemical formula of orthoclases is K(Na)AlSi3O8.

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soem examples of chemical sedimantery rock are limestone, and gypsum.

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If you break down the chemical by it's elements and apply some simple rules, you can find the formula for a chemical compound.

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Some examples of a base (mathematics) include our counting system, which is base ten. Computers use binary, or base two.

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Some minerals are chemical compounds, but some are mixtures. Examples of a chemical compound: quartz and rock salt; examples of a mixture: petroleum and coal.

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examples of chemical energy are.. food, baterries, fuels, candles, etc.

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"Common salt", with the chemical formula NaCl, does not contain any hydrogen. The much larger chemical class of "salts" includes some examples that do contain hydrogen, for example the ammonium salts.

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Gypsum and Rock Salt are two examples of chemical rocks (sedimentary rocks).