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When you go behind someones back talking about them and say don't tell them... Lying... When someone tells you not to do something and go do it anyway

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This would be like evading the question. A fallacy is delusion, deception, and deceit. Some other examples would be omit, evade, disregard, reject, neglect, overlook, and disdain.

The most prominent creature of deception is the snake (serpent) [according to the King James Version]

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she had one in mk3 but for some reason it is nt in mortal kombat deception

Many relationships are ruined when deception enters into it.Deception, fraud, deceit and corruption have run rampant in our society.Deception is a sinful activity.

Many relationships are ruined when deception enters into it.

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Deception refers to using deceit to get what you want. Deception can also mean an act that is intended to trick or deceive.

Theft by deception can be a felony offense. Theft by deception is when a person uses deception to get free services or property of another. Theft by deception is not the same thing as unintentionally writing a check for something and not having enough in the account to cover it.

Yes, the word "deception" is in fact a word.

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