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Acidic foods will react with aluminum magnesium pans. Acidic foods include tomatoes as well as citrus and many other kinds of fruit.

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What are some foods that will react with magnesium and aluminum pans?

Mostly acidic foods such as egg yokes, artichokes, and some fruits could react with the magnesium/aluminum alloy used in pans.

What are the disadvantages of aluminium pans?

Aluminium can react with acids in some foods. Some of the Al salts will therefore enter your food.

Did aboriginals use pans to cook their foods?

Aboriginals in Australia did not use pans to cook their food.

What are non examples of insulator?


Can aluminum pots be used for canning or blanching food?

You should aviod the use of aluminum pots, pans, and prepware that comes into direct contact with food you are canning. The salts and acids of foods can react with it.

What is rubber spatula used for?

For stirring foods in teflon pans

Why chemical should never place on the balanced pans?

Because some chemicals can react with the pans. Also, you need a container to transfer chemicals.

What are some examples of baking pans?

Diego Silang

Does acid react with Teflon?

No, that's why you can put tomatoes and/or wine and stuff in non-stick pans, because it won't react!

Can cooked turkey be stored in aluminum pans?

Yes. The turkey should not react with the aluminum.

Does food get cooked by conduction?

Foods cooked in pans are cooked by conduction. I think foods cooked in ovens are cooked by convection.

What are examples of manufactured goods?

pencils pens paper

What are examples of targeted media?

An advertisement for pots and pans that runs on a cooking channel

Is brass used to can foods?

No, brass is not used to can foods. Brass utensils, pots, and pans will result in dark or discolored pickles and should not be eaten.

Why should fruit never be cooked in a copper pan?

You should never cook fruits in an unlined copper pan because if it is an acidic fruit it can react with the copper and can cause poisoning. Copper is a reactive metal. Similarly, it is not wise to store foods in copper pans.

Do you need to grease NONSTICK cookie sheets when recipe calls for it?

Yes, certain foods may still stick to nonstick pans. Foods with a lot of flour often will.

Why must care be exercised when boiling foods?

a person can be severly burned by splashing liquids and/or hot pots/pans

Why is it that after boiling water for long the pot turns gray?

The mineras in the water cling to and react with the metals of the pot. Aluminum pans do this frequently.

What is nonreactive cookware?

The "nonreactive cookware" is cookware that does not react with acidic foods. Acidic foods such as tomatoes or wine can react with uncoated cookware made of copper, aluminum, or cast iron. For example, if you put a tomato sauce in an aluminum pot the color of the sauce can change and the sauce will have a slightly metallic taste. When you are cooking with acidic foods you should use pans that are stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum, glass, or that have a coating of tin or enamel. The sale of unlined copper cookware is illegal in many countries, because -- although trace amounts of copper are necessary for good health -- highly acidic foods can dissolve toxic amounts of copper.

Is there a better coating then Teflon for non-stick pans?

Not really as the silicone is the next best when cooking certain foods

What safety measures should be taken to prevent burns from cooking?

Care should be used when removing covers from pans of steaming foods and when uncovering or opening foods heated in a microwave oven.

Why is iron used to make cooking pans?

Because it's cheap and doesn't react with many metals which will be bonded to the surface of the pan itself.

What are the Names of steel pans?

Steel pans come in three sizes: Ping pong, the highest pan for melodies Guitar, a mid-range pan for harmonies Bass, the lowest pan for bass and rhythm

What are the advantages of a microwave?

There are many advantages of a microwave. One advantage of a microwave is that it can prepare foods quickly. Another advantage is that there is no pots or pans to clean. Another advantage is foods can be defrosted quickly and easily.

What is the Collective noun for pans?

The collective noun for pans is a set of pans.

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