What are some examples of green technology?


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solar electric roof, electric cars, Virtualized servers, wind turbines, hydro electric power

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what are some examples of environmental technology

Some examples of appropriate technology: - hybrid cars - solar cookers - green buildings - sustainable agriculture - hydropower - sun thermal power - geothermal power - tidal power

Some examples of material technology are - Wood - Tools - Nails

Check out the related link for a list of some of the many examples of manufacturing technology currently available.

Technology is the use of science in your everyday life. Some examples would be anything from harnessing fire to inventing the computer.

Wood chisel, crow bar, and wire stripper are examples of construction technology.

Give some examples of non green plants

the lightbulb. the vacuum. and stuff

example of information technology

some examples are remote sensing and the moldboard plow.

Toyota has a car that can park its self.

Some examples of green technology that is inexpensive to use are Solar Power, Wind Turbines and Geothermal Power. Although each of these technologies is inexpensive in use, the setup cost can be quite high and therefore the time required to recover the initial cost can vary considerably.

some examples of technology used in agriculture is plows,tractors,cattle...etc.

Machines such as Tractors and Harvesters are examples of agricultural technology.

internet,cp,loptop,are the examples of science and technology...

Green technology is using technology to save resources such as solar panels or wind turbines.

One of the earliest examples would be the quartz crystal in a digital watch.

Here are some examples of technology:computertvvideo gamesfanrobotsdishwasherdryerswashersdvd playersipod

Radio Frequency is a wireless technology consisting of a transmitter and receiver tuned to the same frequency

Bacteria and blue-green algae

cyanobacteria and all green plants

CompTia A+, CompTia NET+, Photoshop.The Internet.

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