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Solar power is a source that comes from the Sun and it can be used to light and heat things for example houses, calculators and many more.

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What are some current examples of alternative solar energy?

Some people use solar energy to power lights, there are also some solar powered calculators

What are some examples of developed resources?

wind power,hydro power,solar power,uranium,petroleum

What are some examples of alternative energy?

Wind power, solar panels, hydroelectric, etc.

What are some examples of unlimited resources?

Renewable resources, like solar, wind and water power are examples of unlimited resources.

Examples of inexhaustible resources?

some inexhaustible resources are wind, water and the sun (solar power)

Name some renewable energy examples for kids?

Wind turbines, Solar panels, hydro power

What are examples of appropriate technology?

Some examples of appropriate technology: - hybrid cars - solar cookers - green buildings - sustainable agriculture - hydropower - sun thermal power - geothermal power - tidal power

What is a reneweble resource?

Renewable resources can be replenished once they have been depleted. Some examples of common renewable resources are solar power, wind power, and geothermal power.

What are some examples of green technology?

solar electric roof, electric cars, Virtualized servers, wind turbines, hydro electric power

What are some examples of renewable energy systems?

There are many different types of useful renewable energy systems. These systems currently include solar power, wind power and also hydro-electric power.

What are some examples of renewble resources?

A renewable resource is replaced quickly. Examples are solar energy, hydro power, geo thermal, and wind. Who ever wrote this last wasn't very descriptive!

What is included in solar power kits?

Most solar power kits will include the solar panels, power inverter, mounting brackets, cables, and instructions for installation. Some solar power kits can come with batteries for storing the electricity.

Why doesn't evertone have solar power?

Solar power is expensive, not easily accessible in some countries, and some people just dislike the idea.

What are some non examples of solar energy?

Nuclear energy

What are some advantages using solar power?

there is no pollution,free power do to no hastle solar panels and eco friendly.

What examples of alternative energy?

Some examples are solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy.

What are some types of solar power?

solar energy, solar panels

How do governments use solar power?

Some governments use solar energy to power offices. Communication and military satellites are powered by solar cells.

What are some examples of Solar Energy?

solar energy warming the earthsolar energy captured by PV panels and converted into electricity.

What are some examples of leather items?

examples may include belts, purses, wallets, boots, some hats.

Are there any solar power charged electric wheelchairs, available in market?

There are currently no solar powered wheel chairs. There are some batteries that are rechargable by solar power.

What are some examples of items made by the Boron Family?

A penis

What are some examples of items that produce visible light?

a mirror

What are examples of biodegradable items?

Some examples are food, paper, wood, organisms, leaves, and leather.

How is solar a energy transformation?

I'm not sure what you mean by this question. Do you mean "How is solar engergy transformed?" or "What are some examples of solar energy transformations?"

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