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these are not in scientific notation

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Q: What are some examples that are not written in scientific notation?
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0.000487 in scientific notation?

Therefore, the decimal number 0.000487 written in scientific notation is 4.87 × 10-4 and it has 3 significant figures. Here are some more examples of decimal to ...

What are some non examples of numbers in scientific notation?

5, 800,000 and -23.5

How is 14 written in scientific notation?

1.4 X 10 (to the FIRST power) ((Scientific Notation starts with some number, the left-most digit of which is some number of ONES!))

What is the difference between scientific notation and exponential form?

A number written in scientific form is written in the form #.##... x 10a (note exactly one number before the decimal place), where a is an integer, while a number in exponential form is written in the form bc where b is prime and c is an integer. See the following examples: * 1024 is written in scientific notation as 1.024 x 103, but in exponential form as 210. * 0.0016 is written in scientific notation as 1.6 x 10-3, but in exponential form as 5-4. * 3 is written in scientific notation as 3 x 100 and in exponential form as 31. Please, note, however, that some sources say exponential form is just another way of saying scientific notation.

What are some non examples of scientific notation?

Some examples of scientific notation:6,300,000 is 6.3 x 106. .00000000000000524747474 is 5.247 x 10-16 (rounded to 4 significant figures)0.0000000056, we write 5.6 x 10-9953 in scientific notation is 9.53 x 10^2

What are some examples of scientific notation being used?

When talking about the number of miles to other stars, it is best to use scientific notation. Example: 2.38 x 1014 looks better than 238000000000000.

What is the proper name for the coefficient of a number written in scientific notation?

The significand. Some people call it the mantissa.

What are some jobs that use scientific notation?

Physicist, chemist, biologists, and doctors all use scientific notation.

0.002378 in scientific notation?

0.002378 in scientific notation is 2.378 X 10 ^(-3); some write it as: 2.378E-3

Why does a calculator express some numbers in scientific notation?

because some numbers are tooo big for the screen so the calculator puts it in scientific notation form

What is measured in scientific notation?

Nothing is measured in scientific notation. Scientific notation is used merely to represent the result of some measurement - especially when that outcome is a very small or a very large number.

What are some examples of a scientific variable?

Some examples of a scientific variable is Independent Variable Control Variables :)