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Sales Teams tend to be very competitive and really enjoy recreational team building events. Traditional building events like a cardboard boat regatta are very successful. Beach Olympics type events where team directly compete in relay race type competitions are very common as well. Also, treasure hunts and scavenger hunts are great for this demographic. Companies such as can run these types of events for you and customize them for your group.

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Team building exercises can vary depending on the people that are involved, however a common exercise is to divide everyone into pairs, 1 person drawing and another guiding the person to drawing a specific object/person. This helps social skills and builds relationships.

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Good team building exercises are activities that improves camaraderie, great communication, boosting morale and one that can make a person motivated. You can have activities such as communication, ice breaker, strategic and problem solving activities.

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Multiple problem solving activities focus on communication between teams. Other activites where teams all have to work together towardsa common goal are good. Physical ones where people are tied togetehr or have to help one another to get out of a situation are also useful.

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Q: What are some exercises that I could use for teamwork training?
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