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Selena was born 22nd July 1992

her fave food is pickles

her fave song to sing is Rockstar by Hannah Montana

she used 2 b bff's with Demi Lovato but now Demi is BFF's with Miley Cyrus and Selena has become best friends with Taylor Swift

when she was 7 she had a role in barney with demi, that was when they met


she has starred in princess protection programme, Spy kids 3, another Cinderella story, and now is in another movie; Ramona and beezus.

she is in a tv programme called Wizards of Waverly Place.

she wears a bracelet everyday that she got from Justin, the one that plays her brother in wiazards of Waverly place.

Selena and Justin met when they were going shopping saw each other gave them there numbers and after that they became friends.

Selena's mum is called Mandy Teefey and her dad is called Ricardo Gomez, her parents had her at 16!! her parents still aren't married! she has no bros or sis's so that make's her an only child!!

Her mum is a teacher and when she was little Selena was taught home school then she moved into a private school, when she was to old for that school she went to a school called Danny Jones middle school, though a while after that she became a celebrity and went back to home school with her mum, she will continue home school until her school life finishes. by the way, her all-time favorite subject is science she loves doing experiments an finding out new things.

hope all that info helps!!!

Well, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are rumored to be dating, which was proved by Justin Bieber himself. Selena and Demi broke up because of envy. Selena was spending quality time with Taylor Swift. Wayyyy to much time for Demi Lavato. They got into an argument and broke up from being BFFs.

Hope it helps!


I know ALL these facts by heart, and there are many. Here it is:

Favorite Dessert: Pickle

Favorite Colors: Green and Black

Favorite Shoe: Converse

Favorite Shop: American Eagle Outfitters

Favorite Band: Paramore

Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

Admirer: Shia LeBouf

Uh.... LOL. I have so much in my mind, that I can't think of the rest. I promise I'll get back to your question and answer the rest I know. Thanks for your patience! :)

Selena Is A Very TomBoy Girly Girl. She has done 11 movies and 3 albums. She has had an on and off relationship with Teen Pop Sensation Justin Bieber. Selena started her career on "Barney". That's where she met one of her best friends singer and song writer Demi Lovato. Demi and Selena are still friends but they dont hang out as much as they used to. Selena auditioned for Disney Channel to be on a show kinda like Lizzie Mcguire. She gogt the part but Disney Decided to cancel doing the show, she didnt even get to do the pilot. 2 Years Later she auditioned for Wizards Of Waverly Place. She got the role! The Show Aired For 4 Seasons. In 2010 Selena got a role in Beverly Clearys Book Based Movie "Romona And Bezus" Landing the part of Bezus. In 2011 Sel played Grace in "Monte Carlo" It Was A Big Step For Her. This Year Selena Has Been Working On A LOT Of Movies including Spring Breakers, The Getaway, Feed The Dog While Im Dad, Parental Guidence Suggested,Hotel Translyvania and Many Many More. Spring Breakers Which Is Directed By Harmony Korrine was a very huge step. In Spring Breaker she will play Faith a very outgoing young girl who robs a restraunt with her friends to pay for spring break, the go to jail and get bailed out by a drug dealer named Alien. The Movie is rumored to come out on March 30th and to be rated R wow! Hotel Translyvania Will Accually Come out on the 28th Of September. Is the only kid movie that she filmed believe it or not! She plays DRacula's daughter Mavis. Who is turning 18,000 and wants to be free. Selena Will Be Back In The Studio To Reccord Her Next Album VERY soon! Shehas had 3 albums Kiss And TEll , A Year Without Rain and When THe Sun Goes Down,

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Selena Gomez was first discovered walking down the streets of L.A.

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I am a huge Selena Gomez fan, here are some cool facts! Full name: Selena Marie Gomez Birthday: July 22 1992 Fav choc: snickers here are some gossip secrets! her and demi lovato had a fall out but are now friends again! (just to clear it up for you) she loves cheryl cole! and one day wants to sing with her! hope that was a help :)

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