What are some facts about Thomas Edison?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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He was deaf in 1 ear
Edison did not invent the light bulb, electric chair, movie camera, generator or fluoroscope as is often erroneously believed.
that he was deaf in 1 ear and he was diagnosed with Adhd

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David Macejkovic

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Q: What are some facts about Thomas Edison?
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What are facts about a light bulb?

It was invented by thomas Edison in 1879.

What are some facts about the light bulb?

1. Wire in the inside usually made of tungsten 2. invented by Thomas Edison

What are facts about Thomas Edison's light bulb?

1. it made a shiny light

What are some things that thomas Edison invented?

Thomas Edison made the light bulb and the phonograph.

What were some of Thomas Edison personality traits?

one personality trait of thomas edison is he was determined

What are Thomas Edison's facts?

Thomas Eddison invent light bulbs and by the way sorry that's all i know

Who is Thomas Edison and why?

Thomas Edison is Thomas Edison because Thomas Edison is Thomas Ediison

Thomas Edison light bulb facts?

one fact is it is made out of a material named flament.

Where did Thomas Alva Edison go to college?

Thomas Alva Edison went to Self-educated; some coursework at Cooper Union

Possible reason why thomas edison horse powered minibus isn't bring used today?

The shrink ray used to make horses small enough to fit into the engine (going from life sized to 1/10 the size) was far more expensive than modern cars. Some people also thought it cruel to shrink horses despite the fact that it was easier to feed them. It was also far easier to clean up after them when they were smaller.

What was Thomas Edison's gender?

Thomas Edison was a male.

What did Thomas Edison achieve?

what did thomas Edison achieve