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The French are known for their pastries, wines and cheeses. Eclairs are a pastry with a custard filling and chocolate frosting. Cream puffs or profiterole are a light pastry with pastry cream.

The French have many cheeses like Brie that are soft and often baked with a pastry crust. Other French cheeses are blue, Roquefort, Boursin, camembert, Neufchâtel (which is what is used to make cheesecake) and Emmental.

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The French cook escargots ( snails ) and French bread.

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3 foods that France is famous for are croissants, croque monsieur, and French macarons. There are many more foods that are well-known in France.

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French toast ,french fries

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Some one please give me the name of some french foods

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French Fries French Toast French Bread

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some native foods in France are snails but there are many others, the french are famous for their interesting recipes. they are really famous for their snails which are called es cargot in France... desserts are another of their specialities, they make so many weird wacky but really delicious desserts. in Short Words They Are Famous For Their Foods, Yummy Or Yucky!

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