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Some of the foods surved on Thanksgiving is turkey

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Lobster, swan, and seal were among some of the foods at the first Thanksgiving.

The most associated foods with Thanksgiving are: Turkey, pizza, and ham

kwanzaa and thanksgiving have similar foods

Guatemalan's do not celebrate Thanksgiving. It is an American holiday.

They are open until 2:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving

The answer is yes. People give thanksgiving feast's.

There is not Thanksgiving they dont celebrate in spain It is an American and Canadian holiday

One Thanksgiving food that begins with W is wild rice.

The foods that the Pilgrims has on the first Thanksgiving, were much different from the foods that people now think of when the picture Thanksgiving dinner. The Pilgrims had deer and water fowl. They also had foods that they were able to grow, so they possibly had onions, nuts, berries, beans, squash, and cabbage.

ThanksgivinG is celebrated by eating turkey And fatty foods so i call it :D

We eat pumpkin on Thanksgiving because it was one of the man foods the pilgrims ate.

Foods the pilgrims possibly had on the first Thanksgiving were corn, venison, porridge, bread, wildfowl, and grain. It is unlikely they had stuffing or turkey.

The foods that were served on the first Thanksgiving were ham, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, turkey, cornbread, berries, squash and beans.

green beans, green bean casserole, gravy, giblet gravy

Some do but not all of them different countries have different cultures which requires different foods.

All Americans cook turkey and potato mash on Thanksgiving Day

Foods which are strongly associated with Thanksgiving are turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie.

Some things traditionally eaten on Thanksgiving are:TurkeyPotatoesGravyStuffingCranberry JellyPumpkin PieCornPecan PieCakeHam

The popular root of a Thanksgiving dinner is a yam. Other Thanksgiving foods are turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, and assorted vegetables.

which of the following foods did the pilgrimes possibly have on the on the first thanksgiving

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