What are some frequently asked questions in a job interview?

Popular Interview Questions

These 2 questions are pretty much the determining factors for someone getting the job, as it lets the company know what you have to offer.

-- Can you tell us about yourself?

-- What can you offer to the company?

And here are some other popular questions:

-- Why did you leave your previous job?

-- Why do you feel you are qualified for the job?

-- What are your strong points?

-- What are your weak points?

-- Why do you want to work for this company?

-- How well do you function in times of stress?

-- Are you a good team player

-- Are you punctual

-- What are some things that you like?

-- What are some things that you dislike?

-- What are your hobbies?

-- Why should we hire you over the other candidates?

-- When can you work?

-- When can you start?