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What are some friend codes for Super Smash Bros brawl?


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Mine is ROMAN and my friend code is 4640-4269-8956

I am Yoshi and my friend code is 3480-5741-7846

hey im Erik and my fc is 5156 0335 1323

Hi im Fox and my friend code is 2707-8102-2802!

mine is LUKE and my friend code is 1247-7793-8900 and PM/AM me in Saturdays and Sundays. p. s. I have added Fox, Erik, ROMAN, Smash, Bobby and crisp. I'll play with anyone at 6pm maybe.

My name is (ADDAM) And my friend code is 2837-1400-8984.

Name:SMASH Code:0517-9165-2002 p.s. Added ROMAN,ADDAM,Erik,Fox,& LUKE-play during day in "with friends" mode after adding me so I'll do the same.

mine is Bobby and my fc is 2622-4469-0662 iv added all of u

mine is 0388-5042-7930 my name is crisp i play all the time i just posted this in 2010 so i will add u

4297-3343-9771 name anbis may,16,2010

yo im Josh 5370 9895 3864 i added every body add me