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eat .... best thing to do on Thanksgiving


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Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun, and Thanksgiving is no exception. You can find some great ideas to start you off at,, and

Make some Thanksgiving dinner (stuff yourself with turkey), invite your friends over, have a blast. You can also look up on the internet what people around the world do on Thanksgiving. There are tons of things to do if you think about it.

yes such as thanksgiving and other holidays

Thanksgiving is were some people get together with there family and have a feast.

I would try thanksgiving crafts from thankscrafts dot com. They have the best crafts for kids to do and have a lot of fun doing. I have used them in the past and we all had fun.

Some of the foods surved on thanksgiving is turkey

seeing if plants sneeze There are tons of different science fair projects that are fun. Try some like making maple syrup, photosynthesis, the solar system, or soap making.

Go to the movies and enjoy a perfect evening with the family.

There are many fun thinks to do on Thanksgiving because it is a three-day holiday. Some people cook and some might leave town and visit relatives. Some watch football on T.V. because their team is playing of simply because they like football on a day when you can relax.

Pilgrim as in the Pilgrim Thanksgiving, or you can go unconventional with a Dickinsian Thanksgiving. Or festive.

Canada: Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving is an American and Canadian holiday.

some of them usually give thanks to GOD on Thanksgiving

Amercians and Indians were the first to have Thanksgiving. But some sources say the first thanksgiving was held in Canada.


Thanksgiving day hours are the hours a store is open on Thanksgiving. They vary from store to store. Some stores may be open their regular hours, some may have shorter hours, and some may not be open at all on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving word is drive from the thanks, If some one is giving you one thing after that you are saying thanks so The complete word is thanksgiving.

Gravy is a popular Thanksgiving word. Gratitude and god are Thanksgiving words.

Thanksgiving The Vietnamese lunar New Year celebration is Tet. thanksgiving Thanksgiving

Some Thanksgiving words include: awesome, apple pie, apples.

play duck duck turkey or eat just the skin of chicken :)

According to some sources, Yes Jinglebells was originally for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a particular celebration that some countries have. It is not a universal celebration, many places do not have a thanksgiving holiday or celebration. In addition Africa is a continent which contains many countries, some of which may have a thanksgiving festival and some do not. The date would also vary.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I know of no African country that celebrates the equivalent of the US thanksgiving.

well you can have thanksgiving at the park or in a big hall or restaurant. some people even travel around the state for thanksgiving.

You can take up sewing, buy some materials at walmart and make your own clothes. Get creative!

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