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What are some fun projects to make at home?

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You can take up sewing, buy some materials at Walmart and make your own clothes.

Get creative!

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Origami, painting, or drawing are some fun crafts.

eat .... best thing to do on thanksgiving

Well usually people in law and in the government but at some schools, they use to to make projects about a certain topic! It's so fun.

seeing if plants sneeze There are tons of different science fair projects that are fun. Try some like making maple syrup, photosynthesis, the solar system, or soap making.

because sometimes they might have problems at home and they make fun of the "lower ranks" or it's because their a prep.

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Make it interesting, make it positive, make it fun, make it enjoyable, make it consistant between home and school.

Fun Home has 240 pages.

Maybe a restaurant if your older like 17+ but when you are younger some fun places like laser tag or something along those lines are really fun too.

if u want to do something fun with string make a bracelet or a brade

First make some rhymes! Then try and make fun of something will using the rhymes!!! It is a very fun process!!!! DONT MESS UP!!!

You could make it on your favorite things or what you like to do for fun.

Get your friends involved and make a plan. If you don;t want to be yourself, think of some fun characters you could be on the show. Come up with some funny things to say or do, and make sure you are having fun yourself. If its not fun for you it wont be fun for viewers. Some cool web-shows to watch for ideas are: iCarly Fred Supermac18 The Miley and Mandy Show The Demi and Selena show

It is doubtful that it is OK to make fun of religion. However if a faith is strong enough it should be well able to withstand some joking. What is definitely not OK is to make fun of some one else's religion merely because it is not the same as your own.

to print off things for homework, to make new things and to have fun!

Technically no, but some are still around and are not used,but then again some are used at festivals. This is true but people today make and use little catapults still, but for fun and in science fair projects like me.

You can see how to make cards on the following link.

You could try baking soda and vinegar, it is a fun reaction for little kids, or you can do coke and mentos, that's a fun surprising reaction.

well theres tones of ways to make studing fun make a sog make a borad game out of your words or facts dont be all like this is junk make it fun or as i say look on a brighter side of town and you can do lots of other ways to study all you have to do s have some fun dont make it harder for you make it easier k

Well confront him about it if not make fun of him back, think of some comebacks.

some fun things to do would be to watch anime like naruto/ bleach/ inuasha etc and make Chinese food

The way to make learning fun is to make it mean something to you personally. Try to find some way to connect what you're learning to something important. With social studies, it's fun learning about other cultures - you might take a trip some day and go there, or you might meet some of these people traveling here.

They make good pets, but hamsters are more fun (IMO)

make a OK symbol with your hand. then make the other fingers match the index finger last insert penis, and have fun.

Cause you dont make it fun.....?

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