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What are some game websites with no viruses?


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2013-03-20 01:47:23
2013-03-20 01:47:23

Animal jam is a fun online game with out a virus.

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You can but the game. I doubt you can download it. Some websites have viruses. I suggest not to download.

Sites like, and addicting games will not give viruses but may implant cookies on your computer. I doubt there are any game websites with viruses because I have been on 30 and got no viruses. Free anti virus: AVG

No, though some websites that Google Search links to have viruses.

Download it thriugh websites, some websites contain viruses that are harmful to your computer. I wouldn't download through the internet i would just buy the game.

Download it through websites, I wouldn't download because many of these websites contain viruses. Just buy the game.

Dont go on websites you dont know "viruses"

Most websites don't have viruses.

On Some Websites That Google Recommended, there might be a virus. So Yes & No.

it depends what kind of websites you mean

Yes, there are many websites that offer website scanning.See Related Links for suggested websites.Some anti-virus programs will also scan websites for you.

Go Animate Miniclip Cool Math Games (In very rare cases) World of Warcraft Runescape These listed sites cause viruses or are some good zombie game websites and is good also.

Absolutely not. They are laden with viruses and ways to gain access to your account. Just buy the game!

viruses go into your computer when you go on websites you've never heard of or they have inappropriate things on them.beware of these websites and if you accidentally end up on those websites quickly get off.

It depends what game it is. Some games can give your computers viruses so yes they do.

If you're wondering what games don't give you viruses, look for ones that have valid makers and are O.K. with your antivirus program. Also, sometimes it's not the game that has the virus, but the website the game is from, so be careful of what websites you click on.

People create viruses on their computers, then the virus spreads to other computers when people visit websites or such with viruses.

It's impossible to answer this question. Over 50 websites are being created every second. 20% of websites have viruses.

what are game sites that start with s

Not that I'm aware of. But I know for a fact that all websites on the World Wide Web are not Android applicable. In other words, some websites are not accessible on the Droid.

Not sure what you mean by "unblocked"; there are many websites where you can play for free - some of them hosting a single game, others a variety of small games.

there are some kid friendly game websites like or you can play the games that are already programed into your computer at school.

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