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Hot potato with a rock instead

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Q: What are some games with rocks?
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What are some minerals and rocks found in Turkey?

some pebbles, igneuos rocks, metamorhic rocks, and sedimentary rocks.

What are some rocks that are not volcanic?

Sedimentary rocks: Metamorphic rocks

Why do some rocks have crystal?

Actually all rocks, except for some organic rocks and quickly cooled igneous rocks, contain crystals, it is just that in some rocks these crystals are too small to see.

What type of online games like Club Penguin are there?

Here is some: Franktown Rocks Bin Weevil Poptropica

What are some values of rocks?

some values of rocks are buildings and roads!

What are some permeable rocks?

Permeable rocks are rocks that allow the passage of fluid through its pores. Some examples of permeable rocks are sandstones, conglomerates and shale.

What rocks change into metamorphic rocks?

What are some rocks that can change into a metamorphic rock

Are rocks made out of matter that was never living?

Some rocks are made of matter that was never living (e.g. meteoric rocks, igneous rocks, moon rocks) and some rocks are made of matter that was once part of living things (e.g. limestone rocks, marble rocks, iron ore rocks) and some rocks might be a mixture of matter that was never living and matter that was once part of living things (e.g. sandstone rocks, mudstone rocks, shale rocks, slate rocks).

Do rocks come from quarry?

Some rocks came from quarry, ergo not all rocks came from quarrying, rocks may came from different processes like sedimentation, there are also some rocks that came from volcanoes, these kind of rocks are called igneous rocks.

Why are cave paintings on walls why not on rocks?

Some were on rocks

Why are some rocks called sedimentry rocks?

because they are

Why do rocks have different colors?

Rocks have different colors because some rocks contain different minerals. the rocks

Are rocks organic?

Some rocks are consider to be organic rocks, coal is one example of this.

Can rocks burn?

Some rocks can. Take coal, for instance.

How heavy are the rocks of Stonehenge?

some of the rocks are about 4 tons

Why do some weathered rocks have rust streaks?

Some weathered rocks have rust streaks due to the iron content in the rocks. When rocks that have ferrous iron are weathered there will be rust streaks present.

What are some peak obects in soul silver?

Small rocks, Big rocks, Mossy rocks.

What are some igneus rocks?

some igneus rocks are Granite,Basalt,Pumice,Obidan,and Rhyolit.

What types of rocks contain crystals?

all igneous rocks contain crystals just some you can't see some metamorphic rocks do also

What are some examples of fossil rocks?

Fossils rocks are sedimentary rocks such as coal, limestone, sandstone, and shale.

Which rocks would be formed above the surface of the earth?

Extrusive igneous rocks, some sedimentary rocks

Why are some rocks shiny?

Shiny rocks or rocks that sparkle usually contain crystalline minerals.

What math website is good for a 6th grader?

There's coolmath which has fun games where you learn about money, counting and more. Some games can even help with eye-hand coordination. rocks!

What are some features of Mars?

iron-oxide rocks (Red rocks)

Is it possible to burn rocks?

Some rocks will ignite; coal, for instance.