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you need to thing of what he likes personaly and try to get as close to that as possible

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Q: What are some gift ideas for a 19 year old boyfriend?
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What should you get your 13 year old boyfriend for Christmas?

You are to young to date but some gift ideas are chocalet books do his math homework

What are some do-it-yourself birthday gifts for a 23 year old boyfriend?

It is always difficult to think about gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Becacuse every year you need to be creative to think about someting. There are some great sites when you just type into google gift ideas for boyfriend

What are some ideas for a 6 year olds birthday gift?


Gift ideas for 14 year old girls?

~some vampire book

Gift ideas for a 12 year old girl?

~some vampire book.

What are some one year anniversary gift ideas?

The ideas for first Anniversary gift ideas are endless. It really depends on what your sister and her husband like as to what would be a good idea. I have found that there are some great ideas on the Pinterest site.

What are some unique personalized Gift Ideas for kids?

I think a really good gift depends on the boy and what he likes, but I think the best gift for a 14-16 year old is to take him shopping & if it's ur boyfriend then go out to eat with him and watch a movie or something

What are some good gift ideas for a 13 year old girl?

~itunes gift card ~some vampire book ~any gift card ~ purse or bag

What are some gift ideas for a 13 year old girl?

Clothes,electronics 'me' time you get it

What is the best gift to get your boyfriend for a 1 year anniversary for Teens?

The best gift to give your boyfriend for a 1 year anniversary if you were a teen is, a teddy bear.

What is a good gift for a boyfriend for a 1 year anniversary?

nothing he is your boyfriend not your husband

What are some birthday gift ideas for a 17 year old boy?

Good gift ideas for a 17 year old boy includes gift cards, any type of electronics, and concert tickets. Of course, all teenagers would enjoy getting cash.

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