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There are several companies that produce practice tests. Use those questions to guide your reading--whatever you don't know, look it up. A college text book in Environmental Science would also be helpful, since AP is a test for that course.

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Q: What are some good books to study for AP Environmental Science?
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What are good colleges for environmental science?

the coolege

What is a good college to go to in California for a science degree?

The university of California, Berkely is a great school to go to but it depends what area you want to study in the university is more of a environmental science, policy and menagement .if you look up the 10 best schools to go to for environmental science you can read more about it

What are some good resources for information on environmental science degrees?

There is a great online environmental degree program at APU. Check out; you can search for environmental science graduate programs across the country.

What colleges in the northeast offer good environmental science programs?

Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio has a good Environmental science program. This program at this school is high in the national rankings.

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What is a good environmental science fair project?

A good environmental project could be: What type of water is better for plants? Tap water, Distilled water, or Microwaved water. hope this helps

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The back of your science books often has ideas you can use,

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Good science fair projects could fall under a number of categories, including environmental science, astronomy, chemistry, and cooking/food science. For example, you could look at how light intensity from stars changes with distance.

Disadvantages and advantages of being an environmental scientist?

On one hand, as an environmental scientist you are given the chance to work with the beauty of nature, and shape the future by helping influence government policies on environmental issues. This branch of science, environmental science, also has a good growth job opportunity. Though these are all good reasons to pursue a career in environmental science, there are risks. Studying hazardous and toxic substances means there is a higher chance of exposure to deadly diseases. Another disadvantage would be the low salary. On average, the pay is only $51,000 a year.

Where can one find information on the environmental science jobs?

There are many places to find information about environmental science jobs. Sites like Monster can be used online. Alternatively, the local job centre is a good place to start as they can offer advice about which job will be suitable.

Are there any good books about test subjects?

There are many good books on the market about test subjects. The actual book you choose to purchase will depend on the test subject you want to study.

How is the department of environmental science in Islamic university Islamabad?

yes definitely Islamic university7 have got a very good university. as we know that this university is a general university.Islamic university is the 3rd biggest platform of education in Pakistan. Yes, the department of environmental science has been introduced in 2007 But it is very substantial department of Islamic University . i am also a student of environmental sciences my senior fellow of Islamic university in the department of environmental science and he has got scholarship from Islamic university to America for 2 semisters. at the end i will say that we need to aware the people of Pakistan about environmental issues because these are creating problems. So be a good Environmentalist.............

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