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N.Y.U is a good college there is also Columbia (an Ivy League) and there is Barnard . All three are pretty hard to get in and cost alot of money but those are some of hte best colleges in N.Y.

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Q: What are some good colleges near NY?
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Pratt's in NY St.Martins in the UK there are a lot more but these are really good colleges

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I am looking for colleges and their admisions that I can get a degree to start my business.

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Where can I find online information about colleges in NY? is for private colleges in New York. is a list of colleges in New York has colleges and universities in New York

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New York university is the #1 and the largest private school in the US and is ranked 1st among the division 1 colleges.

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Where can I find good community college in NY?

In order to be accredited, community colleges must abide specific standards. There are no "bad" community colleges. Community college is a great return on investment of your education dollar. This site offers a list of CCs in New York:

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Many schools offer courses for English as a second language including the State Universities of NY, even some online colleges offer English as a second language within their course study.

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