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Sing "What What in the Butt" to your crush.

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What are some really good 'dares' for a teen party?

kiss the person opposite you.

Some good dares?

Yell what is my name i dont know it

What are some good dirty texting dares?

Send me a pic of you __________________.

What are good dirty dares for girls and boys?

good dirty dares for girls

What are some Good dares for adults?

Get drunk and kiss as many people as you can

What are some good dares for Facebook?

Dare them to not post on facebook for a month.

What are some good dares for lesbians?

Lick the same sexs crouch

Some good non dirty dares for a party?

Let the kids decide

What are some good snow dares for teenage girls?

Make a yellow snowcone

Any good dares for girls?

kiss some bodyu don t like

What are some good dares for teenagers?

dare someone to kiss somebody's girl friend or boyfriend,

What are good dares for kids?

Condiment tasting.

What is a list of good dares for a hen party?

Hen night dares are a fun game to play when you are looking for a good misuse of time. There are two basic ways to play hen night dares. The first is to play with a spinner or a bottle.

Good dares for boys?

i dare you to wear makeup

What are some good dares for 13 year olds?

lick the dirtyest part of the cafeteria floor at school for 1 minuit.

What are some good wedgie dares for teen boys?

Japaneese wedgie. 100% For the win

What are some good funny dares for a party?

Which celebrity would you marry? Kiss anyone And in more extreme cases,get me a (some sort of food or Drink)

What are good dares for underwear exposer?

Swimming and running race.

What are good dares for vampires?

Having them prove that they actually exist.

What are some girl dares?

Some girl dares are I dare you to cut your hair,tell a boy you like him,do a flip while on the trampoline or even KISS A BOY!!!!!

I am turning 13 and im having boys and girls come over what are some good dares?

go to and get the dare forums

Some good non-dirty fun dares?

secrets, eating disgusting food, saying silly things. hth

What are some good embarrassing or dare games other than truth or dare and strip games? has lots of humiliating dares.

What are some good dares to do in public?

Walk through a crowded public place playing guitar and singing love songs to people.

Truth or Dare need help?

Coming up with good dares great dares, lots of them, just make sure you choose the preferences you want.

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