What are some good gifts that start with B?

Bra[for your man as a cute joke, or for your girly-friend ;)], Bear(like a teddy bear), Baking(get her/him our to his favorite restaurant, or make him/her their favorite food) Bunny(bunnys' are always adorable and soft, and hey, if it's a guy your giving a gift to I heard rabbit tastes pretty good...just sayin') Ban (as in a beautiful ring if its for a girl) Binoculars (maybe for a kid to play with, or for your guy so he has an easier time hunting, hell, maybe your woman like to hunt too.) Boa-constrictor (just a small one, they are cool pets) Bike (every loves to ride a good bike!) Bart Simpson Haha i had to put that just for humor. I hope that helped.