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There are several good guitar options for beginners depending on if you are interested in learning acoustic or Electric Guitar. A Fender Squire Strat is a good electric guitar starter that is recommended because there are fewer coiled strings.

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What brand makes a good begginers guitar?

Dean has some good guitars made for beginners.

Are cort acoustic guitars good for beginners?

I highly recommend them since they are affordable and sound pretty decent

Where can one find a book on electric guitars for beginners?

Countless books are available that target beginners with electric guitars. Guitar Center sells a wide variety of these books, and other retailers carry them, too.

What are some good electric guitars?

fender, gibson, epiphone and dean guitars

How good is a encore guitar?

Well they are cheap. Made cheaply from cheap materials and sold cheaply. Popular for beginners since they are...well cheap and beginners don't know much about guitars. With some adjustments they should play reasonably well. I've had a look at some reviews quickly and have seen 1 good review and the other are averagey. Have a look at some reviews yourself. Try one if you can.

Are there any good left handed bass guitars?

Rogue makes some good left handed bass guitars.

What would be the best brand of guitar for a beginner just starting to learn?

Probaly a stratocaster Arbor Guitars, and J. Reynolds Guitars are great for beginners.

What are some simple exercises for beginners?

Crunches, Pullups, and Pushups are all good core exercises for beginners to learn.

What is a good quality beginners violin?

What is a good quality Violin for beginners

What are some good stock trading books for beginners?

There are many good stock trading books for beginners or those who do not know much about stocks or the stock market. The best book for beginners would be Stocks for Dummies.

What are good guitars?

Some good guitars are Fender strats, Gibson SG, Fender Jag-stang, Any PRS guitar, and a lot more

What are some good fitness machines for beginners?

A bowflex is a great fitness machine and set for beginners who are just starting to work out. It is a great product and I seriously recommend it to any beginners.

What are some good hunting books for beginners?

There are many good hunting books for beginners. Some examples of hunting books for beginners include 'The Beginner's Guide to Hunting and Trapping Secrets' by Duane Lund and 'The Beginner's Guide to Deer Hunting for Food' by Landers Jackson.

What are some good home workout equipment for beginners?

Some of the good home workout for equipment for beginners are jogging and walking in place. Jumping jacks, leg and arm raises, twirls and twist and others.

What are some good makeup palettes for beginners?

Good makeup palettes for beginners are NYX 10 Pallets and ELF 32. It would also be advisable to use auction websites to find budget palettes for make up for beginners.

What is a cheap brand of acoustic bass guitars?

A cheap brand of acoustic bass guitars is Cheap Love.They are considered cheap because they are made for beginners, are of okay quality and are inexpensive.

What are some brands of cheap guitars that still have good quality?

If you keep the guitar in good condition and keep it toned, many cheap guitars can have good quality. Some of these brands include Ibanez, Epiphones, Fender, and Ovation

What are some good rc airplanes for beginners?

Some good Remote controlled airplanes for beginners would to check out toy shops. Check Target ,TOYS RUS, for remote controlled airplanes. Look for it on amazon

Are Oscar Schmidt acoustic guitars good?

People have their opinions but they are pretty good guitars!

Does Gibson make good guitars?

Gibson makes some of the best and most recognizable guitars in the world today. They're a great brand.

What is a good acoustic guitar for a child?

The best brands of guitars is the Gibson guitars or gb&a guitars.

Are there any good bass guitars that are lighter than usual?

There are many good, light bass guitars. Some good brands include Rees Guitars Lightweight F-Light Bass Guitar and the Yamaha RBX4 A2 Super-Light Electric Bass Guitar.

How good are Gibson Baldwin guitars?

some people think they are the best in the world.

Can you provide a good guide to Annuities for begginers?

Yes I can provide a good guide to Annuities for beginners. The webpage http://www.insuranceagents.com/annuities/beginners-guide.html contains good Annuity information for beginners.

What types of electric guitars should a beginner use?

The Fender American Stratocaster comes highly recommended for beginners. They sound smooth and have a thinner neck. Epiphone makes a Les Paul style guitar designed specifically for beginners. Squier and Yamaha also make for a good starter guitar.

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