What are some good investments?

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There are several good long term investment opportunities. First, real estate is an especially good deal in this buyers market. Another good option would be long term growth stock mutual funds. If you need the money within five years, however, both of these would not be appropriate. But, for long term investment, these are both very good options.

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Q: What are some good investments?
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What are some good business investments?

There are several good business investments. Some of these include: investing in mutual funds, GIC's, stocks, savings bonds, as well as term deposits.

What are some good investments in forex trading?

Some good investments in forex trading is Profitable Niche Galore. You can find more information about this company at

Are cd's good investments?

They are not investments at all; don't be putting a large percentage of your money into them. They are short-term cash instruments. Good to have some, but NOT as investments, unless you are interested in making bankers even richer than they already are, using YOUR money for THEIR investing.

What are some good real estate investments?

Good real estate investments are in commercial property. One type of investment is warehousing, which consists of constructing series of warehouses, then renting it out to prospective businesses.

What are some good family investments?

"A good family investment all depends on what the certain family would like to invest in.

Are good foreclosure investments still available in Colorado?

yes in colorado there are good foreclosure investments still available. you can check on this

What are some standard life investments?

Some standard life investments include property in the form of homes or businesses as well as investments into a 401K which is an investment for retirement.

Disinflation as compared to inflation would normally be good for investments in?

Disinflation as compared to inflation would normally be good for investments in bonds or gold.

How does an investment lawyer help with your investments?

This lawyer can help to analyze your risks. If you have significant investments this is a good asett to have.

How did Shakespeare acquire his weath?

He made some good investments, worked hard, and didn't fritter his money away.

Which stocks are currently good investments?

There are a few different stocks that are currently good investments, as of May 2013. Google is currently a very good stock to buy, as well as Microsoft.

How did Warren Buffett get rich?

By speculation and good investments

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