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Not the "Red Door" in Fremont

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2009-12-23 21:07:22
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Q: What are some good lunch places in Seattle?
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What are some good places to eat lunch?

There are many good places to eat lunch but this will depend on where you are. Some of the good places you can enjoy a meal include McDonalds, KFC and many more.

what home company has good intallers for home cabinets?

Some companies that have good installers are places like seattle cabinet pro's... well I live in the seattle area but online find some places that have people that specialize in that.

Where are some trailer rental places in Seattle?

U-HAUL in Seattle will rent you a trailer if you need one.Another good place would be Seattle Rentals, where they have many different size trailers to rent.

Where are some really good places to live if you like the outdoors a lot?

Seattle, Portland, Denver, Vancouver B.C.

Where is a good place to look for a cheap Alfa Romeo in Seattle?

A good place to look for a cheap Alfa Romeo in Seattle is on Autotrader and some local Seattle trading places like Stuf4Sale. On autotrader the user is given several search options to find the right car, including search area.

What are some places in school that are high-risk for the spreading of disease?

I believe that there are quite numorous places such as the bathroom and lunch room.

What are some fun places in Seattle WA?

Some fun places in the Seattle, WA area include the Space Needle, a water park named Wildwaves, or you could also try GasWorks or greenlake and golden gardens.

What are some good places to visit in Austria?

what are some places that are good to visit in Austria?

What are some good places to find homes for sale in Seattle?

The best place to find homes for sale in Seattle is through the local MLS listing, which will carry listings for all realtors in the area. Some other websites to look at with information include Trulia, Zillow and Homefinder.

What are some good French restaurants in Seattle?

Rover's Campagne

What are some places to visit in the Puget Sound Lowlands?

the Seattle space needle pacific science center or a Seattle sounders game it is really fun! :-P

What are some fun places to visit in Missouri?

You could go to the Arch and go to the top. And For lunch or dinner, you could eat at the spaghetti factory. It doesn't matter if you don't like spaghetti It has other GOOD stuff too. I hope this was some good information.

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