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Some companies that have good installers are places like seattle cabinet pro's... well I live in the seattle area but online find some places that have people that specialize in that.

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2014-03-24 00:00:21
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Q: What home company has good intallers for home cabinets?
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What brands of file cabinets are good for a home office?

There is a great company called Home Styles that makes very good, very affordable home office cabinets in a variety of different styles.

Why does insurance only pay for the base kitchen cabinets?

Your insurance company should pay for all damage to your home caused by a covered loss. However, the insurance company also has a duty to pay you for the replacement of the upper cabinets if you cannot find new base cabinets which match the upper cabinets.

Where can one purchase cheap kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets can be purchased from a number of websites and stores, but if one is looking for cheap, yet good quality cabinets, a good source includes Home Depot, Sears, and Amazon.

Where can I buy kitchen cabinets?

Many stores sell kitchen cabinets, for example Home depot has good selection to choose from. Also eBay always have kitchen cabinets in auction, you should look there too.

How can I reface cabinets in my home?

There is a process that can be done by you to reface your cabinets at home. I found a website called "" and it had some articles about refacing cabinets yourself.

garage cabinets for my summer home?

You should consider wire shelving/cabinets. Home Depot and Lowe's sell industrial type wire shelving/cabinets that are good for all weather elements and withstand a lot of weight. In general, they are reasonably priced and customizable in terms of the size you want.

Can you take the kitchen cabinets?

You need to get final payment for the cabinets before they enter the home. then bill for the installation the day of instillation and collect the check before you leave if possible No, once installed they become part of the house, you can not remove the kitchen cabinets or any other cabinets that have been installed without the consent of the home owner in writing. if you are a good contractor why would you have to take the kitchen cabinets out of the house anyway. But if you have to you can take the doors.

Will Antique Gold Silestone look good with Kitchen Cherry wood Cabinets?

Yes, antique gold silestone will look good with cherry wood cabinets. However, it will depends on the home owners taste or the buyers taste.Ê

What would be a good make of cabinet fan?

One may find good makes of cabinets and fans from local home improvement stores. One can have certified carpenters install these cabinets and fans or one could do it themselves.

What stores sell closet cabinets?

There are a variety of different stores that sell closet cabinets. Any home improvement store will carry closet cabinets. Some of these stores include Lowes, Home Depot and Home Hardware.

Where can I buy home office storage cabinets?

There are a number of stores that have a good range of office storage cabinets. These include Staples, Office Furniture Online, Argos, Office Supermarket and Ikea.

I am tring to find a good price to cabinets and if they would look good with a certain tile.?

A great place to look for cabinets and tile is at a hardware store like Home Depot. If you questions the staff will be able to assist you with matching colors.

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