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like a kangaroo jumping for joy

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Q: What are some good metaphors for jumping?
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Why do some similes and metaphors not work?

cuz this dick

Are two moves possible in checkers besides double jumping?


Do fifth graders get good grades in math class?

They do if they are good and don'y if they are not.

What is round and green and goes up and down always?

A pea jumping

How do you make an object 'jump' in a Game Maker game?

The easiest way to jump is by entering this code in the correct places. You could set the gravity but this way is easier. This will work in both the pro and lite put this code in you Create event of you player falling=false; //Variable for Falling hitting=false; //Variable for if you are hitting something grav=7; //Gravity movement=6; //Speed at which you move jump=0; //Used for jumping jumping=false; //If you are jumping or not space=false; //if space is pressed doublejumping=false //if doublejumping doublej=0; //for doublejumping put this code in you step event of you player //FALLING: if(!collision_point(x,y,ground,true,false) && !jumping && !doublejumping) //not touching ground, or jumping{ y+=grav; //Move down the number gravity grav=7; //Keeps gravity set falling=true; //says the player is falling } if(keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space)){ //if keypressed SPACE space=true //space=true. For other purposes } if(keyboard_check_released(vk_space)){ //if space not pressed space=false //space is false } if(space=true && jumping==false) //if space is pressed, and jumping is false{ jumping=true; //jumps space=false //space no longer pressed } if(space=true && jumping==true && doublejumping=false) //if space pressed, player jumping, and not doublejumping { doublejumping=true //doublejumps jumping=false //no more jumping } if(jumping) //if jumping is true{ y-=jump; //go up jump jump-=.5; //lower jump a little if(jump<0) && doublejumping=false //if jump is nil and not doublejumping { falling=true; //fall } if(jump<-10) { //if jump is below -10, set it to 10 jump=-10; } } if(doublejumping) //if doublejumping{ y-=doublej; //go up doublej doublej-=.5; //lower doublej a little if(doublej<0) { //is doublej is nil, fall falling=true; } if(doublej<-10) { //if doublej is below -10, set it to -10 doublej=-10; } } if(collision_point(x,y,ground,true,false) && falling) { //if touching ground and falling jump=10; //jump is 10, for next jump jumping=false; //No longer jumping falling=false; //no longer falling doublejumping=false //no longer doublejumping } if(keyboard_check(vk_left)) { //MOVEMENT. if left key is pressed x-=movement; //move left } if(keyboard_check(vk_right)) { //if right pressed x+=movement; //move right } if falling=false && jumping=true { //if falling is false, and jumping is true { doublej=10; //doublej is 10 } } Done. if you r having trouble download the example