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i know one i have a fat cat and she's gray her name is bootsy i hope that help's

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โˆ™ 2008-12-13 16:31:02
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Q: What are some good names for cats that are grey?
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What are some good Siamese cats names?

notsmokey or tom simba is a good one

Good horse names for dapple greys ponies?

Some good horse names for a dapple grey pony are: Pegasus, Star, Cupid, April, Mercury, Orion.

What colors do cats usually come in?

Some are pure white some are black. some cats are pale. some cats are grey they can be brown. or a bright orange colour.

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What type of cat is that one that is smoky grey?

Some grey cats are: Nebelung, Chartulex, Russian Blue, and the Korat.

What are some good Warrior Cats Clan names?

Lightning clan tree clan mountain clan

What animals are grey in colour?

Elephants, Seals, Sharks, some cats, some dogs and mice.

What are some good cat names for trouble making cats?

Mr Bitey, Ratboy, Mr Stinky, Cocknose

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Sunderland are called the BLACK CATS.

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I love my cats, some are orange, some are grey, and some are black.

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Here are some I personally like: Smokesong, Graycloud, Featherfur, Dustclaw, and Fogpelt.

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gingerbread is not good for cats. in general human foods aren't that good for cats but, some foods you can give them.

What are the names of vertebrate animals?

Some Are: dogs cats birds

What animal has green eyes?

Most cats (wild and domestic) have green eyes, although there are some breeds of cats, such as the Siamese, that have blue or grey eyes.

Why aren't cats blue or green?

I've heard some cats are a bluey-grey colour but have not seen or heard of any green cats, meaning they're probably non-existant.

What are some Superhero names beginning with J?

Jean Grey, is all I can think of

What are some good warrior names for ginger cats?

try names that relate to their appearance, like orange, pumpkin, fire, flame, spark, spice. you could even use ginger.

Do all black cats have yellow eyes?

no, some have grey or blue eyes, but yellow is the most common.

What do you call an orange colored cat?

There are several orange colored cats. Some of the names of the cats are orange tiger, calico, and tabby cats.

Are Doberman good with cats?

some are some aren't

What are names of some mammals?

cats dogs cows human beings