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What are some good party finger foods?

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jello jigglers, taco roll ups (take a tortilla shell, spread a mixture of taco seasoning, cream cheese, black olives, cheese, lettuce and any other veggies you like very thinly on it, roll it up, wrap it in saran wrap, stick two toothpicks in it to hold it together, put it in the fridge for a few hours, take it out, unwrap it and cut it up, serve with salsa to dunk OR do a layer of cream cheese, then a layer of ham or turkey (like lunch meat) and some chopped green onions) chips and dip?, veggies and dip?, taco salad, taco dip, cocktail weenies, nachos, finger sandwiches, cut or balled fruit and a light whipped cream or cream cheese dip, fruit kabobs, use small tortilla shells and make quesadillas There is a good website for recipes at You can narrow your search by putting in "party finger food." Hope this helps.

2007-06-21 01:51:27
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Q: What are some good party finger foods?
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Where can I find party finger food recipes?

I found a great website and I have tried some of the recipes! I too am a fan of finger foods! Good luck with your get togethers!

What are some party finger foods?

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of party foods such as sausage rolls,cocktail sausages amongst many others.Cookery websites such as can provide some inspiration

What are some common brunch finger foods?

Some finger foods that are served at brunch are cookies, scones, mini muffins, fruit, and potato wedges.

What are some good finger food recipes?

Some really good finger foods recipes online would be little sandwich. Also you can get some chicken wings people really like chicken and salads people love this stuff.

What are some finger foods?

Hamburgers, fries , hot dogs , and quesadilla .....theres much more I just Can't name them all.. The above are not considered finger foods but hand held foods. Finger foods are the likes of hors d'ouvres or canapes.

What are some good foods to serve at a party?


What are some good Christmas party foods to serve at a party?

Some great Christmas party foods are warm meatloaf, or chicken drumsticks. Also your family would love a nice Tomato soup with croutons. For dessert I would reccomend a Chocolate Cake and some cookies.

What are some good finger food recipes for a children's birthday party?

Finger food is great at a child's birthday party. Most party hits include chicken tenders, mini sandwiches, or fruit trays. For more yummy finger food ideas please visit's-party-recipes.

What are some foods for a party?


What would be some good Christmas Eve recipes for a party?

With Christmas day being a huge feast day, some good Christmas Eve recipes would include finger foods and snacks. Some examples of recipes would be meatballs in sauce, cheese balls with crackers and spicy-sweet snack mix.

What are some great finger foods to prepare for one the go?

Some examples of great finger foods include peach-raisin mini tarts or seared beef tenderloin mini sandwiches. The recipes for these foods can be found at the web domain "MyRecipes."

What are some perfect foods for a 4 year olds party and adults?

Lots of finger foods like quesadillas, wraps, chips and salsa, chicken nuggets or you can do hot dogs hamburgers and chips and maybe an ice cream punch

Should you snack before a dinner party?

Some people may have a snack several hours before the dinner party if the dinner party will be around 8 PM. When going to a dinner party there is an hour or so given for people before dinner that choose to have a few drinks and finger foods.

What are some appitizers?

lets see....cheese cubes...little finger foods. like pizza pockets lets see....cheese cubes...little finger foods. like pizza pockets lets see....cheese cubes...little finger foods. like pizza pockets

What are some good birthday party food ideas?

Some popular party foods include pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, basically any food that children will like. If you want to have more variety, you could have other popular foods such as spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and festive foods such as that. Don't forget to have deserts such as icecream, cake, and pie!

What are good foods that are from France?

Some one please give me the name of some french foods

What type of human foods can chinchillas eat?

Chinchillas can have carrots, apples, some lettuces, and finger foods are a favorite. Make sure though when your feeding finger foods, that they are foods low in sugar. Cheerios are a favorite (not the honey nut kind). Bear in mind that feeding human food to a chinchilla must be done in moderation.

Where can I buy easy finger foods?

Some places you can buy easy finger foods would be your local grocer. Often they will have things set out in the bakery, vegetable isles, or butcher section that are made in trays and can be ready-made to pick up.

What are some good party games?

There are lots of good party games at Try their Games A-Z page for a some party game ideas.

Why are there different types of chefs?

Some are good at some foods and some are not so good as others

Is gingerbread good for cats?

gingerbread is not good for cats. in general human foods aren't that good for cats but, some foods you can give them.

Is food recreational?

Some foods can be considered recreational. Examples would be snack foods, appetizers, foods served at a party, foods served at a picnic, grilling, or otherwise eating outdoors.

What are some good outdoor party foods?

If you have a grill, you can serve grilled meat, chicken, hot dogs and burgers. If not, cold foods like fruit and raw vegetables are good. Chips and dip are popular. If you serve foods that need to be cold, be sure to keep them on a tray of ice so they don't spoil in the heat outdoors. ell pizza and hotdos would do and some soda

What are some good party ideas?

Punch and chips with good music and maybe some dj so you can keep the party on!

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