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do you like jewelry? yes. well suck on this its a gem

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Q: What are some good pick up lines for girls?
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What are some good pick-up lines?

#### ##*== PS no texting ==Uh...personally I don't find pick-up lines nice at all. If your going to compliment a girl, or even a boy, just say it. Girls may giggle, but you don't know what we're thinking. Often it's not good things.Those aren't pick-up lines, it's just dating advice.

What are some good pickup lines for girls?

Picking Up Girls is Easy. It becomes even easier when you use Pick Up Lines Like this "Did It Hurt When You Fall from Heaven..?" Just Say This and BAM There You have Your Girl. Check Out Over 121 Pick Up Lines Just Like This One in Ebook from y Bio.

What are some ways to hit on a girl?

Just talk and don't be a person your not girls love honesty and NEVER tell pick up lines pickup lines are for the desprate

Why do some girls like cheesy pick up lines?

Well as girls get older they kinda start 2 pick up more of an attidude from older girls they know mabye their sisters friend or even a cousin bottom line its just girls growing up?

What are some sexual pick up lines?

a beautiful smile makes my day better, so can you smile please. chat up lines are crap just make girls laff and be yourself.

What is some pick up lines?

"Try not to marry me."

How do girls think when she has to choose between to boys?

Girls are girls, they definitely want to pick 'the one' but they don't want to hurt one of you if she picks. Some girls pick randomly, yet truly by the boy's look. While some girls thoughtfully pick between the good quality, or personality of the guy. If she has to pick, the best option is that you say that no mater who she picks you'll still be her friend/wait for her. This means that you'd give her time to consider who she wants to be with!

What are some effective pick up lines for guys?

There are a number of effective pick up lines for guys, although not every woman falls for a pick up line. Some common lines include "Excuse me, is this seat taken?" or "Would you like to dance?"

Why do guys always use cheezy lines to pick up girls?

Because it is very sweet and thoughtful. Most of the time yes Sorry..well normally they don't really have anything else better on there list of pick up lines in there head(it is always there..some of there have more developed ones than otheres)

Do girls look good in nikes?

Some girls do, and some dont

What are some good signatures for bad girls?

Good girls gone bad ;)

Why do guys pick on girls?

some guys do that because that's the way they flirt

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