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Some of good power generators that can be used for emergencies are as follows: A solar power generator, A portable generator and an emergency back-up power.

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Q: What are some good power generators for emergencies?
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I need information on solar power generators for the home.?

Solar power generators a good options for power backups during hurricane situation. At Mysolarbackup. com you can find a lot about solar generators. Even you can order some.

Is power available in the Brazilian rain forest?

some have generators

What are some good Character Generators?

Here are some links:

What is a convenient portable power source?

Portable power sources vary in size and power. Some are small and convenient to act as a backup power source for cell phones or computers when on the go. Others are larger, such as generators which can run on fuel to power an entire or part of a house in cases of emergencies. Many options are available to view or buy online.

What energy sources can be used to power a generator?

Generators are usually powered by gasoline. Some generators are powered by batteries or kerosene. There are also generators that are powered by diesel fuel.

What problem do electrical generators solve?

Electrical generators produce electric power, and generators solve the problem of production. We use electricity in countless ways, and we need to access some kind of generator if we can't directly access the power grid.

How long can power generators provide power?

It depends on the size and power that the generator provides; some are only good for a couple of hours, some last for twenty four hours and still others are designed to last for up to four days.

Can wind power a factory?

Yes. In some parts of the UK, wind generators power small industrial estates.

Where can I buy a back up power generator?

One can purchase backup power generators from many online stores. Some of the websites that offer backup generators are Amazon, Home Depot, Costco and Generac Power Systems.

Are gas turbine power generators safe?

There are other gas generators out there that would be a lot safer to buy and use. I suggest you look around some more before deciding to buy gas turbine power generators. They come with a lot of safety hazards.

Where can I get power generators for home about in San Jose?

If you are looking for power generators for your home in San Jose, you would be able to get some from San Jose Electrical. They sell many electrical products and have many good reviews. Check out their website here:

What are portable generators mainly used for?

Portable generators can be used for many purposes. Some people keep portable generators at their home for use in the event of a power outage caused by storms or other events. Some people use portable generators while camping or for a source of electricity in remote locations.

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