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Lose yourself by Eminem


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Babysitting is the best job for a twelve year old

you can babysit it makes some good money

There are twelve months in a year.There are twelve months in a year.There are twelve months in a year.There are twelve months in a year.There are twelve months in a year.There are twelve months in a year.

Well, I am 14 and i like to write my own songs. I usually write songs about my hobbies and what I like to do.

It depends. If you're looking for songs to sing for a competition in front of people than I would say some kind of taylor swift. If you just want some good songs to listen to than find some good songs on youtube and listen around till you fid one you like. One of my faveorites is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. This is coming from an 11 year old girl by the way. Good luck!

the wheels on the bus go round and round

Songs by Norah Jones, Fame, and Adele are some good choices:)

Twilight New Moon The Perfect Man Percy Jackson and the Olympians

im twelve and at a good weight im 95lbs i have a bloated belly but for the most part im good

It is a good IQ score for anyone.

- there are twelve months in a year -there ARE twelve eggs in a dozen -twelve hours is half a day -there are normally twelve pairs of ribs in a human body

Roblox, Mofunzone, Youtube, Puffgames, Miniclip. THose are all good game websites

Furbies make great gifts for twelve year olds. Young toddlers all the way up to teenagers enjoy Fubies. Some of the older children actually like to collect and display them as well as cuddle them.

That's a good score for anyone, but it's especially good for a 12-year-old.

the beatles have the clean music and their very good too

On a Cloud If you take out the bad parts: Freakshow by Brittney Spears and a lot of mixes of different songs

A twelve year old can make money by selling things mostly or playing shows around town.

I would recommend singing " Just a girl" by miley Cyrus, "fifteen" by Taylor swift, and "already gone" by Kelly clarkson. Those would be the best I would have more but i couldn't think of anymore. Hope that helps!

Well I prefer short and spiked in the front but if you want it long try to flip it to the side

Some newer songs for a 13 year old are Roar, Something I Need, and Goodness Gracious.

* Basketball * Soccer * Dance * Tumbling/Cheer

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