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What are some good techniques for housebreaking a puppy?



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Puppies are just like human babies. After they drink or eat it's about 15 - 20 minutes later they will have to go to the bathroom. Go outside with them! Puppies rely on YOU! That's a big world out there for a wee one to be looking at and they can be afraid, so go out with them. Just walk around and most of the time they will pee at least and then pick them up, hug them and praise them a lot. If they make a mistake in the house DON'T hit them. Get a used kennel from a groomer (usually very cheap and then wash it out good) then put a blanket in the kennel and a piece of your old clothing with your scent on it (it calms the pup) and when the pup makes a mistake shake your finger at it and say "shame." Pick the pup up and put it in the cage for NO MORE than 10 mins., and then let it out. It won't take long for the pup to know a praise from "shame."