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Good ways to sell your business include getting a broker to sell it for you or selling it yourself. You can sell the business yourself by putting up classified ads online and in the newspapers.

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Some good ways to use online marketing to promote your new business is to first find websites that are in your field of business and pay for advertisement there. It really depends on the type of business.

many ways...they might sell drugs or they might get paid by others to "finish and take care of" some business...

some creative ways to sell event tickets is to make the tickets based on that specific event.

put a good wrapper on itSoundbooth: LOL that isn't really what I meant. I mean good ways to GET people to buy them. Kinda like going door to door but more advanced.

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There are a number of ways for one to find business opportunity leads. One of the fastest ways to find business leads is through companies that sell lead lists online such as Salesgenie and Leads360.

There are many ways to make money with vending machines. It depends on what you sell, where you sell, and how many vendors you have. Some sell pop, candy, snacks, or anything else. There's a varitiey of items you could sell and make hundreds of dollars.

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One of the best ways to market to small businesses is to join a business group. Thus it would be suggested to join your local chamber of commerce.

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Unethical business practices can cause a business to lose the respect of other business wanting to do business with said company.

The best way to advertise is fliers or to pay a small fee and put your business in the local newspaper or magazine. Money Mailer is also a great way to advertise.

The best and most effective way to promote your business is to advertise. Using sites that are frequently visited like Facebook, Squidoo, and Ebay will catch the attention of millions.

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A good place to learn about business to business, also known as B2B, sales leads would be Info Group. It has two easy ways to find new customers fast.

Get some resource and sell it on the Grand Exchange. You can get resources from mining, woodcutting or fishing, or kill cows or chickens.

get a job (I'm talking about a business, not personally)

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Sell something off, or work for a living.

Find cats in the street and sell them on ebay

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