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Good ways to sell your business include getting a broker to sell it for you or selling it yourself. You can sell the business yourself by putting up classified ads online and in the newspapers.

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Q: What are some good ways to sell your business?
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What are some good ways to use online marketing to promote my new business?

Some good ways to use online marketing to promote your new business is to first find websites that are in your field of business and pay for advertisement there. It really depends on the type of business.

How do gangs get their money?

many ways...they might sell drugs or they might get paid by others to "finish and take care of" some business...

What are some good ways to obtain MLM business leads?

According to a home business website some ways to generate the best MLM leads are by building your own website, use an autoresponder, have a plan and goals, and create a blog.

How do you make school chalk making business to be more profitable?

Find ways of buying them cheaper - sell at same price Find ways of making them cheaper - sell at same price Find ways of shipping them cheaper - sell at same price Find ways of improving their quality - sell at higher price

What are some creative ways to sell event tickets?

some creative ways to sell event tickets is to make the tickets based on that specific event.

What are some of the ways unethical business practices can affect a business?

Unethical business practices can cause a business to lose the respect of other business wanting to do business with said company.

What are some good ways to sell chocolate bars?

put a good wrapper on itSoundbooth: LOL that isn't really what I meant. I mean good ways to GET people to buy them. Kinda like going door to door but more advanced.

Where can someone looking to sell a business get information on the best ways to advertise?

About's website has a large amount of information regarding selling a business and the best ways to advertise it. Small Business is the name of another website that has information on this topic.

Can you make a lot of money off a vending machine business?

There are many ways to make money with vending machines. It depends on what you sell, where you sell, and how many vendors you have. Some sell pop, candy, snacks, or anything else. There's a varitiey of items you could sell and make hundreds of dollars.

Where might one find a good business opportunity online?

One may find some good business opportunities online at the site Wix. They have a top 10 section which highlights difference ways for individuals to boost their income.

What are some good methods of small business marketing?

One of the best ways to market to small businesses is to join a business group. Thus it would be suggested to join your local chamber of commerce.

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