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Q: What are some great computer games for my MacBook Pro with 4 gigs of ram?
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Do you really need 2 gigs of ram for MacBook?

All RAM is, is to allow more things to run in the background at once. The more RAM you have the more things can be running at the sam time on your MacBook.

How do you find out how many gigs your computer has?

hard drive space or computer ram?

What is the best computer for personal use?

XP needs 2 gigs of memory/ Vista needs 4 gigs. If you get less you will regret it.

Your computer has 2 gigs of memory is that bad?

its very good

How many gigs of ram does the worlds fastest computer have?

100 terabites

How much memory can be installed in dell dimension 4550?

I was able to install 1.5 gigs of ram. I tried to upgrade to 2 gigs, but the computer would not recognize it.

How many games can be saved on an xbox with 20 gigs?

It depends on how much memory the games take.

How much memory does BioShock take up?

well it's about 6 gigs on laptop and for the computer ???????? (if you find out tell me (A laptop is a computer.)

How much RAM do you need for a desktop computer?

4 gigs are required in today's world

How many GB do you need to have a fast computer?

A computer can have very few gigs and still be fast. What you are looking for is RAM (Random Access Memory)

What is a hardrive?

Hardrives let you store documents and images on your computer. Hardrives often have plenty of gigs

How much memory space does Team Fortress 2 take up on a computer?

9.5 gigs

How many gigs of RAM do you need on your laptop to play PC games?


What are the computer requirements for star wars old republic?

Any computer can do. Should have 4 Gigs of free space and a good amount of RAM. Nothing the average computer cannot handle.

How many gigs does a mac book have?

It will depend on the particular version of the MacBook but you could take your pick from: 2.26 GHz 2 GB 250 GB

How do you get nickpoints on nicktropolis?

you play games or return stuff to get NPs you earn them from gigs and other stuff

Can Windows 7 be used on any computer?

No, Windows 7 CANNOT be used on any computer. Windows 7 can only be used on computers that have 3 gigabytes (gigs) of RAM.

Is 10496 MB a lot of space on a MacBook Pro?

Is it a large file or is it empty space? Well, it depends on how big your HD is. 1024 megabytes is around 1 gig so you have around 10 gigs there. If you have a 1T (1000 gigs) HD then not really, it's not very large, but if you have a 100 gig HD then yeah it is a bit much.

How much memory is enough for your computer?

The memory for a computer can hold more than 200,00,012 place for it memory probably more than that. Depends on the operating system. Windows XP will run very nicely on 2 gigs of ram - even 1 gig is sufficient if you don't do a lot of memory intensive programs. However, on Windows Vista or Windows 7 - 2 gigs of ram is considered minimum and some people even have 8 gigs of ram. Again, it depends on what you use your computer for. If you just surf and check emails you can get by with much less.

Is JRP Talent legitimate?

ye i have been with them wll over a year and have had 27 national audtions so far...great place network for national gigs ye i have been with them wll over a year and have had 27 national audtions so far...great place network for national gigs

How do you spell gigs?

gigs. you had it right

What is the best gigs on a desktop computer?

Desktops support up to 4gb Ram per slot. Many personal desktops support 4-6 slots. So 24 Gigs would be the highest amount of ram for a high end personal desktop

How many gigs of ram does a top quality computer usually have?

Top of the line computers have either 3 or 4 gigabytes of RAM.

Will your Vista Computer recognize 4 Gigs of ram?

If it's x32 it will recognize about 3.7Gbs (maximum), if you have x64 it will recognize 4Gbs and more.

You accidentaly 40 gigs of rar files on your computer is this bad?

You accidentally what? Deleted them, downloaded them? This cannot be answered if we dont know what was done.